How To Wash Towels To Keep Softer And Last Longer

Learning how to wash towels the right way, as well as simple care tips for washing, drying, and storing towels will help keep your towels softer like new and make them last longer.
Methods and tips in this article are suitable for washing ordinary towels and bath towels.

Question 1: Does new towel need to be washed before using?

New towels must be washed before using without a doubt. New towels do not mean they are clean. Towels manufacturers will add softeners to the towels when manufacturing, which will affect the water absorption of the towels. Besides, new towels do not be sterilized after they were produced. So new softeners and germs on the towels should be washed away before using.

Question 2: How to wash new towels before using?

Here are the steps about how to wash new towels:

· Step 1
After boiling a pot of hot water, pour the boiling water into the basin, then soak the new towel in the hot water, it is best to be sterilized first.

· Step 2
Soak the new towel in the hot water for about three to five minutes. Do not touch the basin directly at this time, just tilt the basin, pour out the hot water inside, and then straighten the basin. In order to avoid burns, the water in the towel need not be squeezed out in a hurry.

· Step 3
Pour cold water into the basin. After the towel is covered with cold water, you can try to take out the towel. At this time, you should also pay attention to the high temperature of the towel surface. Just handle the corner of the towel and slowly rotate it in the cold water to lower the temperature.

· Step 4
After taking out the towel, wash it with soap and then dry. Of course, you must read the label of the towel carefully before cleaning, and then clean it according to the attributes of the towel.

If you are worried about the effect of washing towels with clear water, then you can try the following tips:
Tips 1: Wash new towels with saltwater. New towels can be washed with saltwater, you can add appropriate salt to the water and wash towels after the salt dissolves.
Tips 2: Wash new towels with vinegar. New towels can be washed with white vinegar water to deodorize and disinfect. Firstly, add an appropriate amount of white vinegar into water and dilute it, then put the towel in it for about 5 minutes and wash it. It can not only help to remove the odor of the new towel, but also help to sterilize and disinfect the towel effectively.
Tips 3: Wash towels with lemon water. New towels can also be cleaned and disinfected with lemon water. Fresh lemon should be cut into slices and boiled with water. Wait until the temperature drops, soak the towel in the lemon water and scrub, which can help to sterilize and disinfect the towel effectively.

How to wash new towels

Question 3: How often to wash towels?

To maintain freshness and hygiene, we recommend you to wash and dry the towels every time after you use them. If you can’t do that, you should wash them once a week at least. After being properly washed and dried, the towel can stay mildew-free for longer, which is not only beneficial to your health but also prolongs the service life of the towels and helps to save a lot of time and money.

When you find that your towel emits an unpleasant odor, or if you live in a humid climate where mildew thrives, you should wash the towel every few days at least.

How to wash towels in the washing machine

Question 4: How often to replace new towels?

Most towels have a lifespan of 3 months. If you grudge throwing old towels away, you can use the old face towel to wipe your feet, and use the old foot towel to mopped up the floor.

How often to replace new towels

Question 5: Wash towels by hand or machine?

We recommend you wash towels by hand instead of a machine. Some people like to put dirty things in the laundry basket and wash them together by washing machine a few days later. But you should better wash the used towels conveniently, or they will be an ideal breeding ground for bacteria, which is not good for health.
Of course, machine washing is also okay.

Question 6: What temperature to wash towels?

Wash towels at a suitable temperature. White and light-colored towels can be washed in hot water, while most dark towels should be washed in warm water because hot water will make them fade. Moreover, if your towel has a decorative trim or is linen or has fine lace, it is best to wash it in cold water whatever it is light-colored or dark-colored.

However, the higher temperature the water is, the more efficient the washing it will be. So if your towel is really dirty, you can consider boiling the towel to remove stains and sterilize it.

Reference: Boil towel

Question 7: Can you wash towels with clothes?

Wash towels separately from other clothing, or it will shed lint and trap smaller clothing items, which will lower the efficiency of washing. Washing separately from other clothing can also avoid exposing your towels to stains or germs from your clothing.

Wash towels separately in different colors. Towels have good dyeability, especially new towels, which can easily absorb the colors from other towels and clothes. Therefore, make sure that light-colored towels can only be washed with a light load and dark-colored towels with a dark load.

Can you wash towels with clothes

Hand washing can save money and electricity, and the damage to towels is less than machine washing. However, towels will become heavier after absorbing water when washing by yourself, which must be tough for you without a doubt.

· Step 1
Choose an appropriate washing container according to the number and size of towels that need to be washed. Before washing towels, you should clean the container first.

· Step 2
Unfold your towels in the container, don’t make them into a roll.

· Step 3
Pour cold or warm water into the container and add a little detergent. Generally, a 20L bucket requires 15ML of detergent. If the towel is dirty, increase the amount of detergent appropriately.

· Step 4
Add appropriate borax to the water for more effective hand washing. Borax can soften the water and make the detergent more effective than before. Generally, every 4L water requires 15ML of borax.

The soaking time of the towel depends on how dirty and how much the towel is. A large or muddy load of towels need to be soaked for 40-60 minutes, while a cleaner load of towels only need to soak for a few minutes.

· Step 5
After repeatedly pressing and agitating, pick up the towel and wring it out.

· Step 6
Then repeat the process of soaking, pressing, agitating, and wringing until it is clean. When there are no soap bubbles in the rinsed water, it means that towels are clean. Leaving soap bubbles on the towel or if the detergent is not completely removed, it will become hard with poor water absorption. Therefore, after washing, try to wring out the towel as much as possible.

· Step 7
Dry the towels.

How to wash towels

4 simple tips for washing towels by hand

Tips 1: How to wash towels with vinegar?

During daily use and washing, alkaline substances will remain on your towels, making the towels harder than before. Because white vinegar is acid, washing the towel with vinegar can neutralize the acid and alkali and will soften it again. At the same time, vinegar can also play a role in sterilizing.

· Step 1
Mix a little white vinegar with water.

· Step 2
Scrub the towel repeatedly in the vinegar water, and finally rinse it with clean water.
The softening effect of towels that washed out in this way is better than softeners.

Tips 2: How to Boil Towels?

Towels will harden after a long time of using even if you have been washing them frequently. So what can we do about it? We recommend you to boil the towels about once a month. Boiling towels not only helps to soften the towels but also kills bacteria on it.
How to Boil Towels? Firstly, put the towels into the pot and pour boiling water exceeding the towels. Then add a little salt into the water and boil the towels on a high heat setting. After water boiling, turn to middle heat setting and keep on boiling the towels for 15 minutes. Finally, cool down the water and take out the towel, wring it out and drying to the sun.

Pay attention to this advice when you are boiling towels:

1. Boiling towels separately in different colors. Make sure that light-colored towels can only be boiled with a light load and dark-colored towels with a dark load.
2. The container for boiling towels should be large, which will provide a space for circulation between the boiling water and the towels.
3. Don’t forget to add a little salt when boiling. The amount of salt depends on the number of towels.
4. Don’t cover the lid when boiling towels.
5. After boiling, the towels should be rinsed with clean water, and then dry in a well-ventilated place.

Boil towels

Tips 3: Wash towels with rice-washing water

Do not pour out the water that you have used for washing rice, the rice-washing water can be used to wash towels. Soak your towels in rice-washing water for one hour and then wash it, the towel will become white and soft.

Tips 4: Wash towels in lemon water

Cut lemons into slices, put them in a pot, and boil with water to make lemon water. Then wash the towels with the boiled lemon water to remove stubborn stains on your towels.

Question 9: How to dry towels?

Dry the towel every time you use it. Even if you only used a towel lightly, you should unfold it and hang it in an airy place immediately, away from steam, which will prolong the life of the towel.

Try to unfold the towel to make it contact with the air completely, avoid hanging one damp towel over another, remember that a humid environment is a place where mildew thrives.
Direct sunlight is best for drying and can reduce germs. The towel that has been dried by airing is harder, but it will soften immediately when contacting with water.

Towels should be dried immediately after washing. As mentioned earlier, the longer the towel is wet, the more chance mildew is going to grow on your towels. But there is necessary to dry the towels naturally for several hours in wet or cold weather, so someone may ask, is this okay? Yes! As long as it is placed in a ventilated place, even if the towel is damp for a long time, it will be no problem after natural drying.

How to dry towels

Can I use the dryer to dry towels?

Normal towels can be dried with a dryer, but it depends on their properties. So you should read the label of the towel carefully before drying. Most towels are made of cotton and require heat drying. However, some towels such as linen towels or towels with a fragile decorative trim need to be dried in the cold dry mode.

Towels with different colors or different types of clothes can be dried together.
Do not over-dry towels. The fiber of the towel will be damaged if the towel stays too long in the dryer. If the towel is still a little damp after taking out from the dryer, do not use the dryer again, just hang the towel out in a ventilated area, which will protect the towel fibers from excessive damage and is more economical and environmentally friendly.

Can I use a dryer sheet?

Our recommendation is to use dry sheets sparingly. Similar to softeners, the dry sheet is used to soften your towels and will create a waxy finish on the towel after you use it.

Store your towels after dried

There should be no dampness, if there is, hang them up to dry for another hour or so. After drying, fold the towel without bunching up or getting wrinkled.


How to wash towels so they are soft?

Towels will be hard after a long time of use. Here we will tech you about how to soften your towels again.

Method 1: Boil towels
Method 2: Wash towels with vinegar

How to wash towels when towels with unpleasantly strong smell?

· Step 1
Add a cup of baking soda powder and white vinegar into boiling water, mix them well.

· Step 2
Soak the towels into the water for 1 hour.

· Step 3
Add white vinegar and detergent again and start washing.

· Step 4
Finally, dry the towels.

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